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    Artist Statement:
    I am an interdisciplinary artist and naturalist. My practice explores the human relationship to wilderness through the construction of mythologies that exist on other earths, fantastical narratives of future past topographies inspired by periods of my own navigation through extreme landscapes. My work combines analog and digital technologies including photography, film, video, sound, alternative processes, performance, and projected installations that investigate cross-overs between science fiction, feminist theory, and use of the fantastic to discuss environmental realities. While in the field, lens-based technology is utilized as an extension of the body to present the perspective of an alien other examining unknown terrain. Alternate histories follow the habits of cyborg or chimera characters and re-imagine the ecology of vast landscapes traversed. The works playfully teeter between fact and fiction to become environments of the uncanny, reimagining lands free of human presence.

    Rachel Guardiola is an interdisciplinary artist with a background in natural history preservation. Her practice investigates the intersection of art, science, and human curiosity to seek the unknown through lens based technology. Rachel has been a recipient of the Hamiltonian Gallery Artist Fellowship and Studio Residency at School 33 Art Center. She has exhibited internationally with List í Ljósi, Sydney College of the Arts, Dakar Biennale de l’Art Contemporain, Studio Vortex, Light City Baltimore, Artscape, Rhode Island School of Design Cenci, Washington Project for the Arts, Arlington Art Center, Ortega y Gasset Projects, Wassaic Project, and The Halide Project amongst others. Rachel has been an Artist in Residence at MASS MoCA, A.I.R. Gallery Governors Island, Arctic Circle Art & Science Expedition, HEIMA, Vermont Studio Center, and Atelier de Visu. She is currently an Instructor of Transmedia at Syracuse University. She received an MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art and BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. Rachel served as an Environmental Extension Agent for Peace Corps in Senegal, West Africa where she has also been trained in agroforestry, water sanitation, environmental education, and health specific to the sub-Saharan region of the Sahel.