Work > Into the Zone (Anthology of Accounts and Findings)

Into the Zone (Anthology of Accounts & Findings)
16 mm film, digital video, hand cranked optical soundtrack
5 min. 30 sec.

The film is presented as an immersive projection that is adaptable to a variety of exhibition spaces. The projection can be displayed as an installation where objects in vitrines are situated between the projection source and wall to obstruct the pathway of light. Silhouettes are cast upon the projection, while imagery from the projection is broken up by the vitrines and dispersed around the space. The refracted light is carefully choreographed to interact with image and object housed in the exhibition, serving as artifacts from the futurepast landscape in the film.

The work is activated by the audience as they navigate through the display piecing together clues that unfold an open narrative. The act of the journey reveals and becomes the content, as the camera lens defines what is and is not seen. Relating to an essay by Soke Dinkla where she coins the term for a floating work of art, like a pictorial panorama, the work attempts to present conditions to which the audience can become the artist explorer in the exhibition teleporting to different points in time all at once.